Motivation - the Core of Life

This book is also available in Swedish

Mental Training was created by Lars-Eric Uneståhl, PhD, 1969 after 10 years of research about mind-body issues, alternative states of consciousness and the effect of systematic training. The practical training programs were developed and valuated during the 1970´s in cooperation with 12 national sport teams and 2 Olympic teams. Mental Training spread after that to the School, work, health and clinical areas and over 2, 5 million Swedes of all ages have now experience of Mental Training.

This book like most of Uneståhl´s 20 books takes up various aspects of the Mental Training.
Even if Mental Training is something you do instead of reading about it, the knowledge about and the understanding of the Mental Training will increase the motivation for the training and the determination to apply the training in all aspects of life.

Motivation – livets kärna


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