Center of Excellence Training

CET was founded 1990 by Lars-Eric Uneståhl. The aim was to create world regional centers, which should promote research about, knowledge of and programs for various methods of training for Excellence in Sport, School, Work, Leadership and Life in general.



Our Center of Excellence in Thailand

Our course center, in Thailand consists of a main building  – the Thai castle – 1500 m2, a conference room that can fit 40 participants, a number of houses with accommodation for around 40 people, swimming pool, tennis, etc. It is located 100 meters from the sea at the best beach between Bangkok and Cambodia (Chackpong beach) and 25 min by boat from the island Koh Samet.


There are many reasons for a visit – here are some

  • You are welcome to the courses that we have located here (see “Book courses”).
  • You are welcome to hold your own courses and conferences here.
  • Why not have your wedding or fiftieth anniversary here.
  • … or why not take the family or your personel on holiday here?
  • A Perfect rental place for Scandinavian companies or people in Thailand
  • The exclusive Thaicastle – an excellent place for Board meetings
  • The Thaicastle can eventually be cut off and sold if the price is right


Photo Gallery

Center of Excellence Thailand

Costa Rica

Villa las Flores

In a wonderful location just by the sea in Costa Rica is our amazing course center Villas Las Flores and the International Village for Creation and Recreation (IVCR). In quiet surroundings where you can walk undisturbed on the beach and watch the sun rise or set into the ocean. Two kilometers away lies the small place of Parrita, an additional 40 km will get you to the town Jaco and go another 100 km you will reach the capital, San José.

Photo Gallery

Villa las Flores


It is possible to book the course centers, when they are available. Exclusive accomodation in villas with all needed equipment. Contact our partner Mr. Janne Lundgren email: janne@jannelundgren for further details.