A private open University with focus on
Research and Online Education/Training

Main areas:
(MentalTraining, Mindfulness, Hypnosis etc.)



(Versamheter på svenska)

UNESTÅLS Svenska Verksamhet (Elene och Lars-Erik Unestål) presenteras dels på www.Unestaleducation.se (gemensamme kurser) och på www.siu.nu (Lars-Eric egna) kurser och träningsprogram.)





Read about the next world Congress on Mental Training for Excellence in Sport and Life




Read about the interesting research articles and books written by the President Lars-Eric Unestahl and by the members of the University Scientific Board


Ex. på Live- och online-kurser.

Internationell certifieringskurs till LivsCoach på vår kursgård i Thailand sista veckan i november 2023
1:a svenska kursen till “certified Selfleader” med start i Umeå 14/9 och Sundsvall 15/9.
ex. på kommande online-kurser: Mindfulness, Avspänd effektivitet, Mental Tuffhetsträning, Barn och ungdom, Seniorkursen, Idrottskursen, m.fl.




Order Mental Training programs in Swedish and in 10 other languages

SIU Vision

A better world through the SIU activities.


SIU Mission

Increased Life Competence through Systematic and long-term Mind Training.

SIU Strategies


Example 1. The Learning Pyramid

Example 2. Direct way to Unconscius Competence from Unconscius Incompetence throgh Modeling in an alternative state of Consciusness ( Mental room, Hypnosis, ets.)

Read more about the SIU Strategies

Foundiry President: Lars-Erik Unestahl, Ph. D.


SIU Background


Lars-Eric founded his own university, 1990, after having worked during 20 years as professor in University of Hawaii (USA), UCLB (USA), Ottawa University (Canada), Chandigarh University (India), Flinders University (Australia).
He is also spent many of these 20 years at Uppsala and Orebro University in Sweden.

The main reason to start his own university was that he wanted to have an open University which could reach all human being (not only ordinary student) with effective training methods for Self-Leadership and Self-development.


"Everything changes! Not even the future is what it used to be"

- Lars-Eric Uneståhl -

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