Training Programs

A selection with samples of training programs published by Lars-Eric Uneståhl

Muscular and mental relaxation

Basic Mental Training

A seven-week training program for Muscular and mental relaxation By ph. D. Lars-Eric Uneståhl

Train and learn efficient relaxation, relaxed efficiency, create an inner working place and learn self-hypnosis.

Phase 1 – Basic Mental Training 1-4 weeks

Program 1: Muscular relaxation 1 (day 1-20)

Program 2: Muscular relaxation 2 (day 21-28)

Phase 2 – Basic Mental Training 2-3 weeks

Program 3: Mental Relaxation (1,5 week)

Program 4: Mental Relaxation (1,5 week)

Goal Image Training

Basic Mental Training

A six-week training program for Self-image and Goal-image training By ph. D. Lars-Eric Uneståhl and Ph.D. R. Gordin

This training program is a continuation of the first program in Mental Training, Basic Training.

Phase 3 – Self Image Training 3 weeks

Program 1: Ideomotor Training (1 week)
Program 2: Problem Solving – (2 weeks)

Phase 4 – Goal Image Training 3 weeks

Program 3: Self-Image and Goal Image Training (2 weeks)
Program 4: Triggering the Future (1 week)

Reach Your Ideal Weight

Special Training Program

A training program based on Mental Training for reaching and keeping your ideal weight. By Ph.D. Lars-Eric Uneståhl

The goal within this training program is to help you to slowly and steadily decrease your body weight until you reach the weight you are satisfied with. Another and equally important goal with the training is to help you keep this weight.

Listen to some sample tracks from the CD

Quit Smoking

Special Training Program

A six week training program for permanent freedom from smoking. By Ph.D. Lars-Eric Uneståhl

Phase 1 – Quit Smoking (3 weeks)

In this program strong inner images are built up, images that will grow subconsciously and will help you quit smoking, without effort.

Phase 2 – Be a non-smoker, 3 weeks

In these two programs the inner images are reinforced, and new inner images are added, images of yourself as a non-smoker, and how your new healthy life as a non-smoker will continue, without relapses.