Films and presentations

Here are some of the speakers presentations and films from the congress.

Alastair Dobbin: Positive Mental Training – Recovery from Distress

Alastair Dobbin: Open access research paper

Alastair Dobbin3 minute animation illustrating paper

Sheila Ross: Feeling Good – Positive Mindset for kids

Ben Furman: How to make therapy and coaching more fun

Richard Gordin: Applied Sport Psychology – What has worked in developing excellence

Marcela Parga: Conflict mediation through coaching

Debbie van Biesen: Intellectual Disability and Equal opportunities for Active and Long-term participation in sport

Ulf Sandström: Taming the Amygdala

Below you can find the recordings from some of the presentations

Barbro Sundberg (in swedish)

Oscar Andermo (in english)

Sheila Ross (in english)

Christel F Land (in english)

Ronnie Lindahl (in swedish)

Lisa Lundin (in english)

Mehdi Fathi (in english)

Nicole Ruysschaert (in english)

Rehan Allahwala (in english)

Eva Berlander (in swedish)

Igor Ardoris (in english)

Steven Acuff (in english)

Gregor Schill (in english)

Carina Juserius & Helene Jonsson Nordgren (in english)

Ante Andersson (in english)

Sanna Ehdin (in english)

Jeff Griffin (in english)

Lena Leissner (in english)

Tomas Gustafson (in swedish)

Lasse Gustavson & Henrik Mattsson (in swedish)

Symposium (in english)

Janne Björge (in english)

Jenny Hagman (in english)

Bernhard Trenkle (in english)

Ben Furman (in english)

Thed Björk & Jan Alriksson (in english)

Marcella Parga Fernandez (in english)

Alisa Miniotaite (in english)