CV – L-E Uneståhl


Uppsala University
Areas: Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, etc.

Licence as a Clinical Psychologist, Fil. Lic and Ph.D . (Thesis: Hypnosis and Posthypnotic suggestions)

Research about Mind-Body relations, Alternative States of Consciousness and the effects of systematic training.


Head of the “Department for Clinical and experimental Hypnosis” at Uppsala University.

Psychologist at ”reformatory schools”, Prisons, National Health Board Organizer of and President for the “VII World Congress of Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine”.
Associate professor at Örebro University

Sport psychologist & Mental Trainer för the Swedish Olympic Teams


  • President for “VI World Congress of Sport Psychology” 1985
  • Visiting professor vid “University of California, Long Beach”.
  • “Distinguished Scholar at Flinders University” in Australia.
  • Visiting professor at “University of Hawaii”, Honolulu
  • Board Member of ISH – International Society of Hypnosis
  • Board member of ISSP – International Society of Sport Psychology
  • Founding President for the ”International Society for Mental training and Excellence” 1989

Organization Committée for VII World Congress of Sport Psychology in Singapore, 1979


Founding President for Scandinavian International University (SIU), President for “1st World Congress for Mental Training & Excellence”. Professor in Applied Psychology and Mental Training. Member of the “Baltic Academy of Science” in Russia.

1990 –

Teaching in Universities in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, England. Finland, France, Germany, HongKong, India, Indonesia, Irak, Iran, Italy, Kosovo, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Spain, USA

Invited speaker to over 40 International and World Congresses.

President for the 1st World Congress on Excellence in Beijing , 2008

President for the 2nd World Congress on Excellence in Kosovo, 2011

Organizing Committée for 3rd (WCE) in Chandigarh, India, 2015

President for the 4th World Congress on Excellence in Sweden, 2019

Editorial Boards

International Journal of Integrated Therapy (1980´s)
Indian Journal of Psychology, 2016


A large number of research reports and articles 21 books (9 in English)
Arthur Shapiro´s reward for the “best book about hypnosis”

Mental Training – Sport

Founded the concept of Mental Training, 1969

Developed the practical training programs in cooperation with the Swedish National and Olympic Teams during the 1970´s

Was the only Sport Psychologist/Mental Trainer at the Olympics 1976

Spread the Mental Training around the world in sport between 1976 and 1988 by working with the Olympic Committées in 12 countries

Mental Training to most areas of Society in Sweden


Sweden became the first country to include Mental Training in the National school curriculum,1982


Mental Training in a 3 year Health Development Education, (Örebro University,).

Research programs about Mental Training and – Cancer (Uppsala University),

Tinnitus (Gothenburg University),

Recovery (Skövde University College),

Surgery & Postoperative recovery (Örebro University),

Psychophysiology, Biochemistry, Immunology and Neuroscience (Prof. Pavel Bundzen at St Petersburg University)


Over 50% of the 100 biggest companies in Sweden have used MT.

Example of International Projects

IRAK (Kurdistan) Mental Training for Peace – From Inner Peace to outer Peace. Project since 2012 together with the government in Kurdistan with the goal of spreading Mental Training to everyone in north Irak.

Training programs

Over 200 programs in Swedish, who have been used by more than 3 million Swedes.