Lars-Eric Uneståhl has for decades researched and developed programs for personal development and self-training, in areas such as relaxation, motivation, stress management, and quality of life. 

Millions of Swedes have been using Lars-Eric Uneståhl’s training programs for increased efficiency and better health. He is known as one of the founders of mental training and is considered to be one of the leaders in the field. During the past decades, the mental training has spread from sport to most areas of society.

Lars-Eric has published about 20 books, 30 training programs on CD and over a hundred research papers. He has worked with national and Olympic sports teams and many companies in different countries. Lars-Eric is a frequent lecturer who gives inspiration and strength to both smaller and larger groups. His lectures and extensive training programs are always well thought out and given in a calm and pedagogical pace of learning and best power / performance.

Lars-Eric lectures in both Swedish and English.

Fil. PhD in applied psychology and mental training. President of the Scandinavian International University.

Lectures on:
Coaching, Mental Training, Personal Development, Self-Image / Vision, Stress

Email: lars-eric@unestahl.com
Mobile: +46 706091973